Community Information

Trash Schedule

  • Curbside trash pickup is provided on Wednesdays.
  • Please put out trash no earlier than 5 PM on Tuesdays and no later than 7 AM on Wednesdays.
  • Resident must pickup containers from curb before 7 AM Thursdays.
  • Trash containers may NOT be visible from neighboring property except on days trash is collected.



Vehicles may only be parked in designated parking spaces. All vehicles must be in working condition and have current license, registration, and inspection. Parking is limited to cars, pickup trucks (no greater than ¾ ton), motorcycles and vans. No vehicles may impede the flow of traffic on the roadways or on sidewalks.



No pets other than dogs, cats, or other commonly accepted household pets may be kept on any lot. Pets must be leashed when outside and pet waste must be cleaned up immediately from any lot or common area.


Snow Policy

Contractors will plow snow if more than two inches fall and only after the storm stops for snow events that are less than ten inches.  Chemicals will be applied to try and control ice problems, but extreme conditions may result in slick conditions.  Large snow events often cause delays with all contractors and may require multiple service trips.  For these large snow events (10+ inches expected) the contractor will come out approximately midway through the storm and then again once the storm has stopped.


Board Members:
Kenneth Michael President
Rob Cappellini Vice President
David Michael


Owners are responsible for the following:
  •  Owners are responsible for All property maintenance
    • All exterior changes must be approved before work is begun.  This includes fences and satellite dishes.
    • Residential unit owners are responsible for mulching their own unit.
Association Owner Assessments:
  • Payments are due on the first of each month.
  • Payments must be delivered to the Association office or paid through online account.
  • Preston Lake Homeowners Association,
    • 202 North Liberty Street Suite 101,
    • Harrisonburg VA 22802
  • Assessments cover the following expenses:
    • Trash
    • Common area landscaping and turf treatment
    • Streets and sign maintenance
    • Clubhouse upkeep and equipment rental
    • Community lights
    • Snow removal
    • Management
    • State licensing and insurance
  • Association
    • Mowing, mulching, and trimming around townhomes and common area, including lawn areas around the lake is the responsibility of the association.
    • Mowing and trimming of all occupied residential units is the responsibility of the association. community management provides:
  • Community information
  • Community inspections
  • Rules enforcement
  • Clubhouse reservation management
  • Association financial management
  • Association organization management